I am a graphic designer + retoucher based in Portland, Oregon. I work with brands and individuals to help them realize their vision. I am skilled in design, layout, illustration, product mock-up, retouching, image processing, color-correction, composite imaging, and more. Contact me today and let’s make something.


Even the coolest shoes need cleaning up in post. Lately, I have been performing retouching, color correction, background knockout, and shadow creation for Nike’s footwear and equipment. This shot of these special release Air Jordans is just one example of this type of work.
These images were created for Southern Comfort’s 2010 rebrand. A ‘hero shot’ of the bottle was retouched and then the newly branded labels were super imposed.
For this image I used illustration and photo manipulation techniques to create “cutout” versions of each drink. The image was created for Y&R’s 2009 Miller 64 print advertisement.
I assisted Chicago artist Keith Handley with this image. I worked on colorizing the uniforms of each individual player.
With this image I added texture, distress, and tactile detail to a CGI car made of lottery tickets. The CGI work was done by Chris Morris and Bruce Long.


Before and Afters
Click on the images in this part of the gallery to toggle back and forth between before and after retouching states.



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