My interest in graphic design stems from a love of making things and an appreciation for the role aesthetics play in shaping our human experience. I received formal training in graphic design from Northeastern University earning a Bachelor of Science degree in 2007. After completing my studies, I moved to Chicago, IL where I cut my teeth at Giannini Creative. For 3 years I worked with the many talented artists, designers, and creatives at Giannini Creative. I honed my craft by learning techniques from colleagues and superiors while stepping up to the challenges brought forth by clients. It was during this time that I grew from an intern to a digital artist. In 2010 I parted ways with the Giannini Creative team to pursue other creative and personal growth. In 2015 I arrived in Portland, Oregon where I now continue to expand and refine my skills while providing people and businesses with design and production services.

It is my philosophy that good design is functional, versatile, and practical. I leave decoration and ornament to the artists, and pride myself in design that works. My process is both pragmatic and creative as I strive to exceed client expectations.

In order to create something unique while staying true to the client I start each project by listening to their wants, needs, likes and dislikes. I do not see myself as some all knowing master of ideas. Much of what I do is simply pry out a client’s own creativity through conversation. Then, combined with my own research and creative study, I execute those ideas to bring the design to fruition. The resulting design solution is ultimately a collaboration between the client and myself. I have found the more engaged the client is, the better the results are for both of us. Collaboration is about mutual respect, along with an exchange and admiration of knowledge and skills. My design process is about working together and surprising each other, allowing for the discovery of an appropriate design solution.

Graphic Design
Logo and Branding
Vector Graphics
Hi-Resolution Retouching
Color Correction
Image Editing
Digital Image Processing and File Management